User Tracking

Published on 7 July, 2022 | Frequently Asked Questions | 47 views | 1 minutes read

Does Hootmaps Track All Your Users?

Hootmaps captures the majority of user sessions through Heatmaps and Session Replays (Recordings). The amount of users tracked is dependent on the plan you are on. Although we do our best to track as much data as we possibly can, due to the specific browser settings of each user visiting your website, technical limitations, and possibly your current settings inside Hootmaps, it may not be possible to capture 100% of all your site visitors.

In most cases, the reason relates to the user's browser and/or local network setup, so it's beyond our ability to control. We listed some of the most common reasons why Hootmaps can't capture sessions.

Reason why a session was not captured

Last updated on: 26 July, 2022